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Henna Art

Henna Artwork

Henna is a plant which, when dried and ground finely, can be mixed as a paste and used to dye the skin (and other things) to produce a wonderful orange to brown stain. The color and intensity of the stain depends on a number of factors - the type of henna, how fresh it is, the ingredients used to make the paste, the type of skin it is used on, the length of time that it is allowed to stay on the skin, and variables in skin type between individuals. Henna stains more deeply on thicker skin - palms of hands and soles of feet... and combining the plant with citrus (lemon juice) and some oils tends to activate it to dye more deeply.

Pictured below are some examples of henna on different parts. Many of these pictures show the henna looking very dark - dark brown to black. Those are taken when the paste is still on the skin (in some of them the paste is still wet). Natural henna does not dye black - any henna that does, has additives that are potentially very harmful to your skin.

Traditionally, henna is applied for weddings and celebrations.... currently, it is used for decoration and personal statements.

Please have patience as the pictures load! Click on them to see the larger shots...

Amber's Right Hand Amber's Right Hand
Amber's Right Hand Amber's Right Hand
Amber's Right Hand Amber's Right Hand
Jade's Dragon Jade's Arm - the Dragon
Sarah's hand> Sarah's hand
Rick's Durga Henna Rick's hands
Rick's Right Hand Rick's Right Hand
Rick's Left Hand Rick's Left Hand
My Hand My Hand :-D
My Hand My Hand
My Leg My Leg
Amber's Face Amber's Face
My Left Foot My Left Foot
My Left Foot My Left Foot

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