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In the Words of Firesign Theatre: Where Do You Go When You're ToadAway?
In the late 1960's to the early 1970's, there was a great mobile culture of people who lived in vehicles. Here are some photos taken from 1973 through about the beginning of 1976, throughout California - and some in Arizona. My bus - Bozodom - is a 1949 Ford - Mercury V8 engine. The bus was painted red, white and blue - and had Stars and Stripes curtains. We built it in with running water from a pressure water tank, a running water toilet, an electric and propane refrigerator, a stove with oven, and built-in cupboards and a bed that makes into a couch. At one point, the kitchen table turned into a crib area, and things got a bit too crowded. Time to move on with life and out of the bus!
Bozodom - I think we're all Bozos on this Bus!
Bozodom in the trees at Big Sur
Bozodom at the Entrance of Sonoma Grove - May 1975
Bozodom at Sonoma Grove - Rohnert Park, California.
May, 1975
I THINK I can drive this thing!
Driving on Down the Road
Bozodom at the Grand Canyon - December 1975
Bozodom at the Grand Canyon
December, 1975
Parked with all the REAL rigs - Las Vegas
Bozodom parked with all the legitimate campers outside of Las Vegas, Nevada... December 1975.  We stayed here to do laundry, and visit Circus Circus.  This trip eventually took us into Mexico - but the bus stayed at the border. It would probably never make it back in!
Vapor lock at the Top of the Road - Arizona
Dead in the road in Arizona
December, 1975
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