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Sarah's Page

Visit the home of Sarah Saks here.

Sarah the Graduate!
Sarah - - Graduation
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Sarah - - Class of 2004
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*Sarah's formal pictures were taken here*
*See Caroline Photography for wonderful results!*

The Bocce Queen - Summer Games 2003
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CLICK HERE to see Sarah's Photo Gallery!

Sarah's Latest Artwork!

For those of you who are totally new to the world of Down syndrome - WELCOME! You're in for a surprising ride! This page is here to provide some insight into life with Down syndrome, the possibilities that are there - and the acheivements of some of these great kids with Down Syndrome. Follow along - and use the links as resource. Enjoy!

Sarah has Down syndrome, and has gone through graduation exercises from High School at our local school. Sarah has been in a regular classroom since Kindergarten, and has had an aid in the class with her for the academic subjects since seventh grade. Her curriculum is modified to as close to her ability level as it can be - sometimes it gets close, sometimes she's totally mystified by the homework! She is currently (2010) enrolled in a local Adult Program that focuses on the arts, and occassionally takes classes at the local Junior College. She rides Dial A Ride on her own to get home at the end of the school day.... carries her cell phone to keep us posted on where she is and that things are going okay. She fully intends to move out on her own one day! Sarah now has her own business ~ Visit the home of Sarah Saks here. Sarah now has a part-time job two days a week that she dearly loves... and a volunteer job on the weekends.

Sarah knows how to type, she took keyboarding on a MacIntosh at school and uses a PC here at home. She showed her dad last fall some tricks with graphics in Paint that he was not aware of.... makes her birthday shopping list in Word and prints it, and drew the design for the top of her birthday cake in Paint- printed it so that we would have a pattern! She also is participating in an adaptive technology study with the M.I.N.D. Institute. Sarah has her own basketball hoop in the back yard... she shoots hoops like a pro - and knows how to guard well. Dribbling and passing is more difficult, but she's getting there! She participated on a basketball team for Special Olympics a couple of springs ago.

Sarah attended a week-long Science Camp with her classmates in the middle of September, 1997 - she had a GREAT time there! Her older sister, Meryl went along as her *buddy* for the week (thanks, Meryl!). Sarah has attended Early Intervention classes through our local schools since she was around 18 months old. She has been in a regular class since Kindergarten, with some years more successful than others.

The primary key to whether a year will be successful depends on the classroom teacher and the support for Inclusion on campus. We have attempted to tailor her IEP (Individual Educational Plan) each year to aim toward more normalized education and socialization, but the manner in which it's received by the classroom teacher from year-to-year changes the emphasis of the IEP, ever so slightly.

Sarah is phenomenal - she is able to read, do basic mathematics (even better with a calculator) and handle the basic skills necessary to maneuver around town successfully. Sarah has taken a couple of years of gymnastics in a regular class with other kids her age (and younger), roller-skates like a demon, can turn near-perfect cartwheels (wish I could!) (see a video from the fall performance at the local Civic Theater - where she did cartwheels and the splits on stage!). She has some close friends at school, and others in the neighborhood. Sarah does have a couple of very close friends with Down Syndrome - these girls get together and play just about like any other bunch of girls!

Sarah was a presenter on a panel at the National Down Syndrome Congress Convention in Sacramento in July 2009, presenting details on her Micro-Enterprise.

Sarah fully intends to grow up and live on her own. In fact - she threatens to do so nearly once a week! Sarah has three siblings - Amber, Meryl, and Jeremy. Sarah also is an Aunt! Jade, Christian, Aiden, Kaitlyn, and Collin-Patrick! She holds her own in the group - and is able to harrass nearly as much as she gets harrassed!

This page is your link to lots of resources that we have found to be very useful in our search on Down syndrome, Inclusion in Public Education, and other issues related to Special Education.

CLICK HERE to see Sarah's Photo Gallery!

Sarah in Delta Dreamin' - Cartwheel and the Splits!

Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies

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