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Welcome to Jeremy's Page!
Cannon Shot!

Welcome to Jeremy's Page!

the Graduate!
Jeremy - the Graduate!
Jeremy as a Freshman!
Jeremy - the Freshman!

Jeremy's Seventh Grade Photo

Jeremy - June 1998              Jeremy's Fifth Grade Photo
Jeremy and his cousin, Jon!
Jeremy and Jon
Jeremy's Class in the Bark Hut
The Bark Hut
Sarah and Jeremy
Sarah and Jeremy
Jeremy in the Fourth Grade
Fourth Grade Photo

This is Jeremy's Page - complete with his kind of music, and his kind of Link on the Web. Jeremy is a reader - one of those who reads for hours at night to fall asleep, and goes to bed with an atlas at times. It's not easy to get him to write the book report when he's done - but reading the book is a piece of cake! He is lately really interested in Star Trek novels, and other science fiction.

Jeremy spent part of his High School day on the High School campus, and the remainder of the day through the Independent Learning Center offered by the school district - he met with the professor once a week, got the weeks assignments - and then completed the work at home on his own time frame. This set-up seems to work best for him, giving him control over the timing of assignments and work. He has completed more work in the last several months with this program than we had seen in years! In his last semester of High School, Jeremy took both Photography and Journalism on campus, learning a lot in each class - and enjoyed having his opinion pieces published in the school newspaper.

Jeremy tells me he's ready now for his webpage to have links to the kind of information that helped us out when he was younger, and even now. Jeremy had Hoemophilus Meningitis when he was 12 months old. He spent 12 days in the hospital on antibiotics, intravenous fluids, and gots LOTS of loving care from the hospital staff (and family!). Jeremy recovered, learned how to crawl again, and generally moved on with life.

As a result of the Meningitis, Jeremy has a bilateral hearing loss (about 50%) and wears two Hearing Aids. He also had a condition known as Cholesteatoma, wherein he was growing skin cells on the inside of his eardrum. After two surgeries (a year apart) Jeremy now has just about as good hearing in that left ear as in the right. He has plastic pieces instead of the three bones on the inside of the ear, and an eardrum built out of muscle tissue, but it works as well as the other! Well, almost as well.

Jeremy used an Auditory Trainer to use in the classroom. This enabled him to focus on the words of the teacher, as the teacher wears the "sending" unit, with the microphone, and Jeremy wears the "receiving" unit with molded ear-pieces addressing his specific hearing loss. He's REALLY thrilled with the results, and we'll be reporting back on this page about how well it's going. Note: At the High School setting, the classes are larger than what he has been used to in the recent past. He used a Phonic Ear wireless FM system, and it is really really cool. There are no cords that hang down, just a small behind-the-ear unit with antenna, and the teacher has the microphone and sending unit. He carries it with him from class to class, and the teachers seem to have no problems with using it. He brings it home at night where we keep it in a charger, with the ear pieces in a Dry and Store unit to dry them out overnight.

Jeremy is also a student of karate - he most recently studied with Chris Ost at the Chris Ost American Martial Arts studio. Previously, Jeremy studied with Ron Marchini at the Renbukai USA studio for nearly four years. Jeremy is now a Green Belt, and wants to be a Black Belt someday. He had planned to practice " everything " so that he can reach that goal, but in the last year has had less interest than in years past.

Jeremy also played baseball in the Spring. He usually plays right field. He has a great arm, hits the ball consistenltly to third base when he's up at bat, and has a lot of dedication to the game.
In 1998, Jeremy played for the Sundown Little League Minor A Orioles. Jeremy also played Winter Ball with the Sundown Little League - an instructional course with practice games. For the 1999 season, Jeremy played for the Minor A Rockies.

Here are some links to sources on the Web you may find of value:



Meningitis Research Foundation

The Virtual Hospital: University of Iowa Family Practice Handbook: Chapter 10: Pediatrics: Pediatric Bacterial Meningitis

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Center for Hearing Loss in Children

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