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Welcome to Maddy's Page!
Click on the pictures - Most of them take you to the larger version!

Meryl and Maddy - click to see the larger version!

Madison now has a Home!

This site is the home of Madison, the Mailbox Puppy!

News Flash - - Maddy now has a friend!!!! Little kitten Sneakers joined the household a few weeks ago. She was lost and wandering at the nearby self-storage - and had to come home with us! Pictures to come soon! She is little and black and white - and has the white stripe down her nose just about like Maddy's! And white *sneakers* on her feet!

Here is Maddy in the arms of Meryl - (click to see the larger picture)... a happy little puppy!

Here is Maddy after a year with us - - she is now a DOG - no longer a PUPPY!

Little Tiny Puppy Pictures.....

Maddy strolling down the streetSleepy baby girl!


Madison (Maddy) was left in a mailbox by persons unknown - and the MailMan brought her to the local City Pound. Maddy was born around the first of November, 2000. She is now 2 years old. Maddy now has a home with a family of many kids to run and play with her!

Originally, the Veterinary Tech at the pound labelled Maddy a Shepherd Mix - but after watching her development and doing a bit of research, we are thinking that she might actually be a Carolina Dog - a relatively new breed in the United States that has roots back to the native dogs that accompanied Native Americans many years ago. For more information on this breed of dog, check out the website of the Carolina Dogs - http://www.carolinadogs.com

Here's Maddy looking a LOT like a rabbit.....

(Click on the picture to see the larger version....)


And here she is in the tall weeds that were supposed to be the garden....

Maddy in the tall weeds

And here is Maddy the Hunter in the backyard....

Madison the Hunter in the yard

And here is Maddy with Roger - her constant companion during the daytime as he works at home on the computer... he takes breaks throughout the day to take her for a walk for training. She really looks forward to a romp through the park! Gives them the time to bond together too! Maddy and her Dad - Roger!

Madison is in a training class to improve her socialization - and has learned a LOT about how to walk on a leash and sit. We're still working on her behavior with strangers - she is VERY protective of the family, and with her excellent hearing and natural quick responses, she needs to learn that not all strangers are the enemy!

Maddy has learned how to recognize various commands for getting toys - she knows the difference between a ball and her favorite chew-toy - the squeaking cloth Mr. Cat. She will go and get them when prompted - MOST of the time. She is also getting quite good at catching toys while they are still in the air. Time to work on the frisbees!

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