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Glass Bird Suncatcher 
Stained Glass bird suncatcher
Please check back for Improvements and Completion!
Incoming Duck

This Incoming Duck (36" wide x 30" tall) was built to partially fill a cubicle window - between two workspaces. It now hangs in a picture window of my home, flanked on the other side by an egret, also originally built for cubicle separation. Click on the thumbnail for the larger view!

Egret on Branch
Egret on a Branch (27" wide x 28" tall) built to use some of the space in the window between two work cubicles... Ever worked up close and personal sharing space in small cubicles?  You can appreciate the need! Even best of friends need their space! This window now also hangs at home as a companion piece.

Detail of the Incoming Duck
Detail of the Incoming Duck Window.

Oak Tree
This Oak Tree (39" wide x 33" tall) was originally made to hang in Roger's office window - the company logo is an Oak tree, as he and his partner do archaeology relating primarily to native Americans. As he moved from that office to another without a picture window, this Oak Tree now lives in my den - wedged between storm windows - hence, the black line down the middle. Eventually, this piece will be framed in oak and hung with backlighting. As it is now, the outside light displays it well.

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