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Welcome to WayCool!

...the Home of some VERY WayCool stuff!

Welcome to our new home! Browse around for the research topics that peak your interest!

WayCool is a community oriented site, here to serve a purpose - and that purpose is to enable people like yourself to seek and find topics of interest and research.  Here you will find information on Down Syndrome , Meningitis , Hearing Loss , Cholesteotoma , Arterial Venous Malformation (AVM) , Inclusion Issues in the Public Education setting, Auditory Trainers - their use and value, and Travel Logs of foreign lands . You will also find an art gallery of Stained Glass projects,a photo gallery of Unusual Photographs , and links about AirCooled Volkwagen Bugs . You can also find your way to the Family Resource Network , an organization funded by federal moneys to provide referral and support for parents and family of children with special needs.  Don't forget to send a friend a lunch from the VIRTUAL SNACKSHOP! (Provided by our good friends at Earlylight - Thanks, Dawn!)

So - pick a link - come along, and join in the fun!


Given any thought as to whether your child can hear?  Take a trip to Jeremy's page to see how life can be without perfect hearing, and to find many links on medical sources for information on hearing loss, Meningitis, and Cholesteatoma.


Parents and family of children with Down Syndrome have a need to find information and sources of support. Visit Sarah's page for tons of links, and a look at what your child's life can hold!


Arterial Venous Malformation - also known in the industry as AVM, is a congenital condition that often requires surgery to enable the person to live a normal life... read Meryl's page for insight on the process, the feelings that a person can go through, and the road to recovery.


Let your eyes travel for you! Take a trip to the Ukraine, with Roger as your guide! Read stories of Airplane travel, bus trips, Sebastopol and Simpheropol!


Art for art's sake - come and visit the GALLERY of Stained Glass windows and projects - with links to other Glass sites and suppliers on the Web.


The Sundown Little League's Minor A Rockies have started the season's practice of BASEBALL! Visit the team, take your place in the bleachers for yet another season of great baseball. We look forward to bringing you the details as the season unfolds and the boys develope into the great players we know they will be! Stop on by the VIRTUAL SNACKSHOP and send a snack to a friend!


Special Education has its place in public schools, and Inclusion is the least restrictive environment for many of our kids. Come and see the results of a school-life of inclusion, and a mind-set of accomplishment! Sarah's page will show you what can be done - with a lot of work by school staff and parents and students - with w result that is worth the work! Also - many links to other sites that focus on Inclusion issues.


The Family Resource Network provides support, resources and referral for parent of kids with special needs from birth to the age of three. For more information - come and visit!


Looking at the world through your own eyes gives you your view. Stop on by our Photo Gallery to see the world through OUR eyes! Sights are surprising, views are delightful! Come back to see updates now and then!


Air-Cooled Volkswagen BUGS! Say no more, say no more....

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